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Pfeilring since 1896

For over 120 years, the name Pfeilring stands for "manicure in the trend of the time". The unmistakable design sets new accents and is trend-setting for manicure and pedicure products. The spectrum ranges from high-quality instruments and cases to nail and foot care systems. The unique combination of craftsmanship and technology is certainly one of the main factors for success and appreciation. Constant quality controls and highly motivated employees characterize the work processes. This interplay makes every Pfeilring product unique. A traditional company from Germany's best-known cutlery city Solingen since 1896. We combine technical know-how from decades of experience with newly developed designs and trends of today's era. Because only by combining these aspects, we can offer you the best products.

Pfeilring - traditional brand from Solingen

Since the year 1896 our company is specialized in the development of high quality steel products from Solingen. Whether nail scissors, tweezers, powerful pliers or fine files - with Pfeilring you will find the most beautiful models made in Germany. More than 50 employees at our production site in Solingen do their best every day to inspire people around the world with innovative care products. Get to know our branded products "Made in Solingen" and experience how indispensable the innovative care products are in everyday life.

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Pfeilring-Produkte sind sicher. Sie überzeugen durch eine einfache Handhabung und perfekte Leistung. Sie lassen sich gefahrlos anwenden und begleiten Menschen über viele Jahre hinweg.


The visual design of the Pfeilring instruments is legendary. Modern shapes, novel surfaces and innovative designs ensure that the products always look fresh and progressive.


Von Pfeilring-Produkten darf man viel erwarten. Seit über einem Jahrhundert vertrauen Menschen auf die Qualität und Güte der auserlesenen Beautytools. Die gleichbleibend hohe Perfektion liegt den Mitarbeitern am Herzen.

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Everything worth knowing about the Pfeilring scissors and manufacturing

Everything worth knowing about the Pfeilring scissors and manufacturing

The requirements, whether in professional use or in private use, are high. From the products one expects lasting precision and longevity - and beside that a perfect handling. Here you will learn everything about the production of the famous Pfeilring scissors.